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    I have a 13"MacBookPro
    I installed windows 7 in a boot camp partition and have had no luck in installing any boot camp drivers. the snow leopard dvd is recognized as a dvd--r, the 2.1 update downloaded from apple say's it doesn't support x64, ive tried runnning it with vista compatibility and it still will not run. I've also tried downloading a full copy of the boot camp software on the install dvd and tried to run that off a USB drive, which also came up with not supporting x64. any ideas on how to get it up and running properly except waiting for a bootcamp update?
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    Aug 31, 2007
    You can't even browse to the files on the dvd and run the exe files manually?
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    Apr 13, 2009
    Before I had Snow Leopard, I downloaded the Vista 2.1 x64 drivers and they didn't work. when I got Snow Leopard last week, I deleted the x64 boot camp drivers I had, restarted, went into W7, popped in my SL dvd and ran the boot camp 3.0 drivers and W7 works a helluva lot better.
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    well it is a copied version of SL, so that might be part of the problem. it is on a DL dvd and everything. W7 doesn't recognize the disk as having any information on it at all. I left my original SL at home since i'm at college now and had my brother copy it and send it to me digitally so could burn it when i needed it to run a HD repair, i ended up reinstalling off it and its worked perfect so i would think the bootcamp drivers would work too.
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