windows 7 causing "unexpected power loss" count to rise in optical bay ssd

Discussion in 'iMac' started by fleshkopter, Jun 18, 2014.

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    recently moved BTO apple ssd in mid 2911 21.5" imac to optical bay via data doubler (owc). installed a crucial m550 behind optical drive bay, and all is working fine. Recently though it dawned on me that every time i boot into windows 7 through bootcamp, it causes the unexpected power loss count on the optical bay ssd (stock apple ssd i moved) to increase by 1. I moved bootcamp partition to the new crucial drive, but it still happens to the optical bay ssd. any idea how I could stop this or is it just a matter of windows sucking? BTW , it does not happen when booting up osx or sleeping osx. only windows.
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    ok , sorta figured it out

    Looks like I can avoid the issue by choosing "Shut Down" from start menu instead of restarting into os x through bootcamp control panel. Just select the os x disk to start up in and click apply, then shut down via windows start menu. Clunky, but it works and no more errors :)

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