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    Jun 4, 2010
    situation: when i first purchase the mac is with leopard os then i send for warranty to replace my faulty hard drive recently and came back with snow leopard os installed for me. i'm about to update bootcamp 3.1 to install windows 7 and previously i'm only using xp before the faulty hard drive problem occurred. so the problem now is i dont have the snow leopard cd to install the drivers. is it possible if i use my mac os x cd to install all the drivers after i install the windows 7 because i saw on the forum some are saying no nvidia drivers found etc.

    secondly i want to ask another question where you mac wizards could advise me. i would like to back up my bootcamp partition as well but i only have 1 external hard drive. what should i do? is that possible to back up mac + windows in the same external hd instead of getting 2 hd? or maybe can i partition my external hd into 2 parts and 1 for time machine and the other for bootcamp? will the os read the hd? cause i tried my dad's hd using windows to partition the hd and doesn't read on my mac. it says i cant modify anything of my dad's hd. maybe the time my dad partition his hd, he is using windows.

    sorry for long questions. hopefully you guys can help me out! thank you in advance.
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    Jun 4, 2010
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    Talk to whoever did your service. Obviously they have the SL disc, and if you were "supposed" to get the upgrade as part of the HDD repair they should have given one to you.

    Winclone is the easiest way to backup your Windows partition from OS X and will thus be compatible with an external HDD formatted for Time Capsule.

    Your dad's HDD is formatted NTFS, which makes it readable, but not writable under OS X.


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