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Discussion in 'Mac Pro' started by HDFan, Sep 23, 2010.

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    Jun 30, 2007
    I have a mid 2010 MacPro 12 2.66 Ghz cpu system with 48 GB of ram. I was running Windows 7 32 bit on my Apple SSD drive, but thought that it would be interesting to see the performance difference if I installed Windows 7 64 bit. Due to SSD space limitations Windows 7 64 bit was installed on an internal hard disk rather than the SSD drive. Here are the results:

    Windows 7 32 bit on Apple SSD TS512B configured with
    2 GB of RAM
    8 CPUs
    Enable Adaptive Hypervisor checked

    Processor 7.7
    Memory 4.5
    Graphics 6.0
    Gaming 6.0
    Hard disk 6.9

    overall 4.5 (lowest score).

    Windows 7 64 bit on Hitachi 2 TB drive HDS722020ALA330 configured with
    8 GB of RAM
    8 CPUs
    Enable Adaptive Hypervisor checked

    Processor 7.8
    Memory 7.9
    Graphics 6.0
    Gaming 6.0
    Hard disk 7.9

    overall 6.0

    I was surprised by the increase in memory speed, and even more so by the hard disk improvement - even though on a physical disk rather than an SSD. In two cases (memory and hard disk) it hits the maximum performance number possible of 7.9.
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    If you're running the index through Parallels, the test results may not be as accurate. I'm pretty sure that under normal circumstances (actually booting into Windows as opposed to running it through a VM), mechanical drives never score higher than 5.9 on the WEI test. IIRC, my boot drive (a 640GB WD Caviar Black) scores 5.6. And that's among the fastest mechanical hard drives available. WEI scores of 6.0 and above for primary hard disk are usually achieved by SSDs.

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