Windows 7 in Bootcamp only using ~2/10GB of RAM


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Jun 20, 2014
I am running Windows 7 (32-bit) on my Macbook Pro through Bootcamp. I have had no issues up until now, when I tried to run some fairly compelx Matlab code and got an "out of memory" issue. Did some investigating, and it turns out, despite the fact that I have 10GB of RAM installed on my computer, only 2GB is "usable" by the windows OS. What is causing this? Is there any way to get more memory? Seems ridiculous that 8GB is just sitting there unused.


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Jan 24, 2010
That's a limitation of how 32-bit Windows works. It cannot access more than 2 or 3.3GB of ram, no matter how much is installed. If you want to be able to use all of your system's memory, you must use a 64-bit version of Windows.
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