Windows 7 installation from PC to Mac?

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by Ryuukumori, Nov 14, 2009.

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    Jan 18, 2008
    I am a student at a university and bought windows 7 home premium for $30 on the student discount. I am currently using an 13" HP dv3t model running home premium. In the future (a few years), is it possible to transfer my Windows 7 key to a new system?

    Also, how long do you suggest I wait until I upgrade? I bought this computer specifically for computer programming, but have decided to only take a couple core classes to major in atmospheric sciences, then move to Macs near obtaining my degree. Is this a good move? I hope to take advantage of the future with quad core processors in the next couple years, and an upgrade of my 2nd generation iPod touch when I do decide to purchase in the summer for the iPod touch rebate. Thanks for any suggestions and help with Windows 7 migration.
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    you can use your key; as far as i know, on any system you long as its on just that system your using and not on multiple active systems.

    so you should be able to transfer it over to a mac if oyu decide to go that route.

    upgrade when you decide you may need to.
    if the system works for your particular needs then you should be fine for as long as your productivity requires.

    a mac would definitely be a great investment that should cover most of your bases with the ability to use OS X and Windows.
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    Erm, are you sure this would be a wise move? How many years of your degree have you got? I would think that changing to a new computer towards the end of your degree would be a bad time. Are you doing Honours? Do you really want the distraction of a brand new piece of cool hardware at that time?

    Like me, I would suggest you hang on to what you've got until you finish your degree, and then buy a new mac before your student discount runs out. Unless of course either your computer fails, or doesn't have the power to do what you need it to.

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