Windows 7 old MacBook Windows 10 new MacBook upgrade question

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    I'm off to the shops to buy myself a brand new MacBook Pro 13' 2.9 Ghz, to replace my late 2008 unibody MacBook (I'm excited to see the speed difference).

    However I run boot camp on my current MacBook and it has windows 7 for which I have a CD to install. I've been reading that the windows 10 upgrade recognises your hardware and doesn't use a serial key.

    How would I go about installing windows 10 upgrade on my new MacBook Pro (obviously I can't use the CD to install win 7 and then upgrade...) has anybody had this issue or am I the only one stuck in the dark ages of 2008?


  2. macenied, Aug 10, 2015
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    Use the supported method for your new MacBook to install Windows 7. You can convert your DVD medium to the format you need. Then activate W7 and update to W10. If you have problems with W7 activation it's because W7 is already installed on the 2008 unit. Call MS hotline for activation support in this case.

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