Windows 7 RAID1 (dynamic disk)

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    I know there's probably not a lot of people wanting to do this, but anyway.

    To achieve Windows 7's Mirrored RAID (RAID1) or Windows Spanned volume (1TB single volume) on the mac mini server, you must simply NOT INSTALL the boot camp program.
    Install the drivers one by one in the Boot Camp/Drivers folder instead (drivers can be found upon searching for "mac mini" in P2P/torrent services). Everything will work perfectly.
    You shouldn't need the boot camp program anyway, other than for touch pad functionality or for brightness/backlit keyboard buttons to work, which isn't exactly a problem for the mac mini.

    Once windows 7 is installed and all drivers work, go to disk manager (write "dsk" in start|search, it's the first option), convert the volumes to dynamic ones and then make a mirrored or spanned volume.
    I don't think striped volumes (RAID0) are supported for boot disks on windows.. I'm not sure though.

    IF the boot camp program is installed, upon converting to dynamic disks and rebooting, you get a Blue Screen of Death UNBOOTABLE_BOOT_VOLUME, which doesn't seem fixable either.
    I'm not sure if uninstalling the boot camp program will do the trick either, if you want to do this I recommend starting from a clean partition.
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