Windows 7 takes up 40GB?

Discussion in 'Windows, Linux & Others on the Mac' started by dndandrea, Dec 20, 2011.

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    Feb 10, 2010
    Is it common for windows 7 (ultimate 64bit) to take up this much space? I just made a 100GB partition which i thought was way more than enough so i could play a game that's coming out for the PC. I'm down to 58.36GB free space after all these updates. All these updates are coming from the Windows Update program. Im assuming the drivers from the mac osx CD & bootcamp CD also took up some space but 40+ GB?... I'm still not even done updating, new updates pop up after every time i restart from the last update bunch.

    Will this be enough to safely play Starwars The Old Republic or should I redo this whole process and make the partition 150GB? Nothing is installed on this partition yet except Windows 7 & updates/drivers. I have 35GB and i believe the game takes up at least 15GB just to install the program. Is it safe to be cramming the hard drive up or will it still perform the same as one with more space open?

    Thanks to whoever took the time to read through all of this!
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    Feb 14, 2011
    40 GB for Windows 7 is definitely a possibility, even for a fresh install with all patches and updates.

    You can google reducing the Windows Side-by-Side WinSXS which probably is taking up a fair bit of space and isn't providing much in your environment.

    (Yeah, how did they let a folder that takes up that much space and definitely draws negative attention get the unfortunate shortname of WinSXS).

    Anyways, I doubt you will be in trouble with 100 GB... you can always expand the partition without going through the hassle of re-installing Windows (and activating etc.).

    Your system will not slow down so long as you keep ~5-10GB free for swap / pagefile (about equal to your amount of RAM).
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    Aug 29, 2011
    I would make the win 7 partition reasonably big and if you have the space available sure redo it now and go for 150 gb.

    My win 7 partition is 80 gb but I am not going to install games etc on it.

    Lots of people get into big trouble by getting creative later and trying ( and often shooting toes off ) to expand the partition size.

    If you do "re do" the sizing use bootcamp assistant. Start by using it to remove the partition, restart your system, check out everything via disk utility, and proceed again using bootcamp assistant.
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    Jun 11, 2007
    I just dealt with changing my partitions last night to install SWTOR as well!

    The game takes a minimum of just under 19GB. I had a 32GB partition and less than 10GB free, so I did it over for 45GB. Windows 7 Pro x64 takes up about 22GB for me. I ended up partitioning AGAIN to 60GB and have SWTOR installed with about 17GB free. I still need to get Office on there along with other updates SWTOR throws out there. The game hit me with a 250MB update when I launched it- so it will be sure to grow as patches and updates come.

    I hope this game is worth staying up all night re-partitioning over and over. Didn't even get to play it yet :(

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