Windows 7 Taskbar-A dock ripoff?

Discussion in 'macOS' started by aditghai, Apr 3, 2009.

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    I just saw the way Windows 7 is supposed to manage application.

    So, now when you open an app like Internet explorer it won't show up in the task bar but when you click on the icon in for IE in the taskbar it will give you a preview of the open window. Basically, trying to make windows app based.

    Isn't OS X app based?

    I might be wrong here that Win 7 is copying OS X so maybe someone who has used both can answer my question
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    You can create that in
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    It would have been more clever if you posted a letmegooglethatforyou link on how to letmegooglethatforyou.
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    Seeing as no one answered the OP's question, I will. In my opinion, Microsoft got some inspiration from the OS X dock. They just changed it a little and put in snazzy visual effects. They did make it a bit better, but the original idea was Apple's dock. I still think Apple's version is better.
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    There were three major parts in Vista's user interface that did not look like OSX's. Finder sidebar, Dock and the gadgets on the left side. Now, the first two are going to be almost the same as OSX as well. For some reason, MS has a very hard time innovating on its own. They have to be "inspired" by others.

    Windows 7 is just a public relations exercise. According to Engadget review, the only speed improvements is with the user interface. The core of the OS is the same as Vista, so CPU intensive tasks take exactly the same amount of time, which means XP is faster unless you have fewer than 16 CPU cores. Of course, it is still an improvement nonetheless, but it is not a completely new OS.
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    Oh, please. Dock-like launching bars, widget/gadget-like programs, and Finder's sidebar have all been incorporated into various Linux distros long before they showed up in OS X. Next you'll be claiming that Spaces is an Apple innovation. Hah!

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