Windows 8.1 on 32gb device

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    I have been asked my opinion on a Windows 8.1 device with 32gb SSD (ASUS T100).

    I think the T100 looks like a decent low cost option, but 32gb seems to me extremely small for Windows installation drive. However, I wonder whether Windows has recently been optimised in some way for small drives?

    Does anyone have Windows 8.1 installed on a 32gb Asus T100 (or any other 32gb device)? If so, how much free space do you get initially? Is it possible to live with Windows on such a small drive?

    The person asking is quite price sensitive, and in the UK the jump from the 32gb to the 64gb version of the T100 is a ridiculous £160 (£290 to £450)

    Are there any other low cost Windows devices worth considering (ideally cheaper than T100 for 64gb version)?
    The following are the requirements:

    * Intel Atom late 2013 or later (not the slow 2012 version)
    * SSD (not HDD)
    * Min screen size 10"
    * Must have a keyboard (so either tablet+keyboard combo, or a laptop)

    Android, Chromebook, iOS, and Windows RT are not options that can be considered.
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    What I have read, it has only 10-15gb free space depending on installed softwares and you need to remember that apps can be installed only onto C: from windows store.

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