Windows 8 BootCamp install question: drivers

Discussion in 'Windows, Linux & Others on the Mac' started by kingtj, Apr 21, 2014.

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    Hi everyone.

    I just tried to get Windows 8 installed in a BootCamp partition on my new 2013 Mac Pro, and I'm running into problems.

    I was able to get the assistant to create a bootable USB stick from a Windows 8 full install (OEM) ISO image, and I was able to download the collection of Apple drivers onto a different USB stick.

    I can get the Mac to boot from the Windows 8 installation USB stick just fine, but it stops with an error message about no suitable drivers being found, and I get prompted to browse for them, to select their exact location.

    When I select the second USB stick containing the drivers that the BootCamp Assistant made for me, I have a large number of folders and sub-folders I can choose from. The furthest I've gotten was drilling down below the "Intel" drivers folder, and selecting a sub-folder titled "All" -- which seems to try to load every single one of the Intel related drivers, one after the next.

    At that point, I get a window showing a whole group of drivers I can choose from for Windows 8 to use .... I tried just selecting all of them and clicking "Next" but that caused the system to pop up several consecutive errors about DMA1, DMA2, DMA3, etc. drivers for the Xeon E5 processor failing to load, and I think on DMA4, it froze up the Mac so I had to hold down the power button for 10 seconds to get it to shut off again.

    I don't really see anyone else talking about having to deal with any of this? Is this because I used the OEM version of Windows 8 instead of a retail bought one or something?
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    iirc, you will not be able to activate windows with an oem key, but you're not even getting to that point

    start over and keep to the directions

    dl a iso from this site, note this is only 8 pro, if you have something else it will not work

    open boot camp assistant and check all 3 options (create, download and install)
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    This happened to me when trying to install Windows 7 using a DVD on a 2009 Mac Pro.
    I thought that Bluetooth might be playing a role.

    I first got back to OS X and shut down the mac.*

    Then I turned off my Bluetooth Apple Mouse. I removed batteries from the bluetooth Apple keyboard to ensure it was undiscoverable.

    I plugged in a USB Apple keyboard and mouse and restarted the Mac. Upon booting the Windows DVD, I was able to proceed with the installation without being bothered for drivers.

    *I recommend shutting down the Mac first, because disabling Bluetooth did not help if I did not first Power down the machine before re-attempting the installation of Windows.
    I can't guarentee this will work for you, but it did work for me.
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    Oct 7, 2008
    I usually had issues boot camping with wireless apple gear. I make it a habit of using a wired USB mouse and keyboard for all installations. I keep a set in the closet for that purpose.

    Pretty much solved most bootcamp issues with my MacPro 3,1. Not an issue with laptops. A different issue is third party video cards.

    I had un-eventual install of win 8.1 on my nMP using a purchased install disk, and downloaded bootcamp drivers to a USB thumb drive. Then moved it off the internal SSD to a LaCie thunderbolt SSD drive using WinClone.
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    Is the USB stick that you've got Windows on a USB3 version? That can be a problem.

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