Windows 8 Is Horrible, Also Done With Android

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    Windows 8 - Terrible

    So I built a quality PC around a year ago, nice graphics card and processor, etc. The other day I put Windows 8 on it. Holy hell what a disaster of an OS.

    The "Metro" screen is simply terrible. You can't find anything on it, esp. since the search screens in Metro are limited to the panel/branch you are searching under -- meaning if what you need is in another panel, it won't show in results. Bad, bad design.

    Charms: what in the heck is this mess. The damn "charms bar" repeatedly fails to show when you move the mouse to the right, so frustrating. If you want to reboot or shutdown, more precise movements are required in the lower right to get the power button to come up. Move the mouse to the left edge, sometimes I don't even know what the heck is coming up. Sometimes nothing comes up. Beyond stupid.

    If you are a power user, like I am, and you are working on the machine and need frequent reboots, etc., the entire thing is a massive exercise in frustration.

    Regular desktop: could have been Windows 8 salvation. It isn't great, but at least it works, and doesn't frustrate endlessly with those edge UI elements. Problem, of course, is stupid Microsoft forces you into Metro. Boot up? You're in Metro. Hit the Windows key? You're in Metro.

    Different instances of same program: man did this drive me crazy. Seems to me if you are working on something in the native desktop, if you switch to the same program in Metro, it's basically two separate instance of the program. Data and work in the desktop window, does not flow through to the Metro Window.

    These were just some highlights. I don't know how anyone can stand Windows 8 for even a day. I promptly did a > format c: /FS:NFTS and torched Windows 8 and put Windows 7 back on it. I then noticed Windows 7 boots more quickly.

    Android - Done

    Also had my problems with Android and Samsung phones tonight, one of the reasons I was on the PC. See, these crummy manufacturers like HTC, Samsung and LG, their phone support sucks. Release a phone, abandon it after six months, on to the next phone.

    So I'm trying to help out two people with older HTC and Samsung phones, they are stuck on Android 2.1 or 2.2. Because HTC and Samsung abandoned the phones shortly after release, there have been zero updates from the manufacturers. So they are many Android releases behind.

    Here I am trying to update both phones. And now I'm getting root / jailbreak failures because, you guessed it, the phones are a bit older and the root programs are not working. Superoneclick, multiple versions, failure. Odin, failure. Start trying using other tools from the XDA Devs, fail fail fail.

    So then I start looking for some old tools I used to know, like ROM Manager, ClockWork, and SuperUser For Android. Well, looks like Google either removed them from the Android Market, or they no longer work with these Android release numbers.

    Now if I had more time I probably could have figured out what the issue was. Would have taken a while to troubleshoot.

    But after a little while, we were like, you know what? **** this bull ****. Here we are in the Windows/Android environment, and the whole thing just sucks terribly. You need to be a freaking C++ amateur to figure out why in the heck you can't simply update your phone. And of course the manufacturers make it difficult, so that the average user will run out and buy a new phone. Not to mention, Windows 8 just sucks too, and so do the products; Surface = failure. Bad OS, bad manufacturers, bad support. Remind me again why we are buying this ****?

    And no way -- no way -- will the average cellphone user figure out how to jailbreak an Android phone and flash a custom ROM. Which is just great, because the manufacturers not only corrupt Android with their crappy bloatware and TouchWiz junk, they then abandon their customers, refusing to put out OTA updates. This article encapsulates the entire thing quite nicely: (Yes, I know Google and its Nexus line are an exception, it may be the only saving grace.)

    So, tonight a couple of us basically said, "we're done." Done with stupid Windows 8, Metro, "charms," *.dll files and the garbage registry, and all the stupid crap you put up with using Microsoft. XPS printer anyone, lol? Stupid surface tablet, I feel bad for anyone who threw money away on it. While I'm at it, Windows Phone OS sucks too, no wonder M$ had to buy Nokia, no manufacturer will install it on their phones.

    Microsoft stores: ghosttowns. No one in there. No one is buying Windows Phone, Surface, anything. And their manufacturers are getting killed too. Seen the stock prices of HP, Sony, Dell? Smoked.

    And now, done with Android, it's littered with crappy manufacturers like LG, Samsung, HTC support sucks as well. Has Kyocera ever made a decent Android phone? Why does Google allow these idiots to corrupt its OS? Well, we don't care anymore. Done with having to root phones to get Android updates, and being forced to use aftermarket ROMS which will void your warranty and always run the risk of bricking the device (rare, but still). Done with crap manufacturers. Done with Microsoft, Windows, and their crap OS releases and even crappier products.

    We are now squarely in the OSX - iOS universe. At least Apple will push out updates to our products, giving the appearance of service.

    Our office already is outfitted with lots of Apple desktops and laptops, smartest decision we ever made, business and employee problems = zero, saving us a lot of money fixing and troubleshooting. Same thing now as well for all our personal products. I won't even step foot in a Microsoft store anymore, they suck. These Asian Android ripoff manufacturers can suck it too, we will abandon them in exactly the same way they abandon their millions of users.
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    I find Windows 8 fine. Its faster, more stable and has better compatibility than 7 and has some great new features. Just pin desktop/explorer apps to the start screen and you'll never have to see the tablet stuff again. It isn't hard. I must be genius or something because I've yet to have a single problem figuring out or using Windows 8. It has some questionable UI choices (like where shutdown is positioned) but 8.1 will soon fix that. It isn't as bad people make out one bit.

    As for Android... never used it.
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    Windows 8.1 will be available as an update during October iirc which may help in some regards. I'm not a huge fan of 8 myself but it's more responsive than other versions I've had.
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    Me either? I found windows 8 very easy to use once you get used to it.
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    golly gosh, ain't you got a chip on your shoulders. Appears to me that you are either not a real power user or that you've got too much money to spend.

    If you have got software that has a hefty pricetag (e.g. CAD/CAM, data mining, SAP financial, Oracle) then you do not want to have to replace your software every time there is an OS update. There is also plenty of software that only runs on windows so what are you going to do then?

    Windows 7 and windows 8 are much alike - just install classic menu or one of the other after market menu's, alternatively wait for 8.1 - and you have a very familiar interface. You do not need to use the metro interface.

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