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Discussion in 'Mac Pro' started by monkeybagel, Feb 12, 2013.

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    I just wanted to share with my Mac Pro friends that I installed the OS I love to hate on a stock 3.06 x2 2012 Mac Pro to see how it would run. I had time and needed to get some things done in Windows, so I took the plunge. I had all of my OS X data backed up on other drives so nothing of importance on the main Apple 512 SSD drive. I disconnected all other drives, and booted from the Windows 8 Enterprise x64 DVD. I selected EFI Boot as the bootable drive. Windows 8 installation appeared at the correct resolution during setup (2560x1440) and I dropped down to the command prompt and "cleaned" the SSD doing
    X:\> diskpart
    select disk 0
    I then proceeded Windows 8 Setup and accepted the EULA. I selected the only Unallocated space on the drive and selected that to install. The installation completed as expected from DVD - no issues at all to speak of. I then inserted the CD-ROM with the freshly downloaded drivers for Windows 7 and ran those. Those ran without problems as well.

    The volume keys work just fine, but they do not display the Apple OSD as in Windows 7. So far, no issues whatsoever.

    I generally do not like Windows 8, but an using it to learn more about it in the event I ever need to for work.

    So far it has been stable, and has booted very fast using EFI mode. I will update this post if I encounter any issues. I also plan to install 10.8.2 after installing Windows 8 in EFI, so I will post my experiences there too. I am not sure how OS X will behave being installed after Windows 8.

    This install can be blown away any time, so my experimenting around is just that - experimenting.

    If you try to open the Book Camp control panel, it crashes. Not sure if that is because OS is not installed, or if it is because it is running with EFI boot. So far that has not caused any issues. I am using a standard Microsoft Mouse.

    Here is the WEI for those interested...

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    What GPU are you running? I scored an 8.1 with 8 but went back to 7 when I got screwed with that whole shady upgrade program. But with 7, it only maxes to 7.9. I think my 930 256gb SSD only scores a 7.3.
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    It is a stock 5870.

    Have you tried running Windows 7 with EFI boot? From what I have read it may not be easy but have not tried.

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