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Oct 24, 2012
I currently use a mid-2010 13inch MBP, and am looking to upgrade sometime soon. My budget is about $2000, and I've been looking at both Windows 8 tablets, and Macs. If I go with a Windows 8 Pro tablet, I'd get it mainly for the active digitizer, which is amazing for note taking. I would also save about half of my budget, which I could spend on building a gaming PC. I've also considered a Macbook Air, or just going all out and buying a 15 inch retina Macbook Pro.

Honestly, I'm really feeling the Windows 8 Pro tablets. Super portable, full OS experience, and most importantly, the ability to take good notes.

I don't do much gaming besides for Guild Wars 2, so I could get the Windows tablet, and later on down the line, buy one of the new 27 inch iMacs (which look amazing).

What are you all's thoughts? Any suggestions greatly welcomed!


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Mar 9, 2012
i would say that the windows 8 pro could be a ultrabook replacement and i have no doubt about the build quality of it. definitely way better than any of the OEMs out there.

unfortunately my wallet isn't that big.

i think it really depend on which OS you like.

for now, i still prefer to bootcamp windows 8 on my MBP.


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Jun 11, 2009
I just sold my 2011 Macbook Air and put the money aside for a Windows 8 Pro tablet, I'm just not sure which one I'm buying yet. I'm also selling my ipad as I won't be needing it anymore, we are now out of the watered down OS time and can finally have a real OS on a tablet, allowing me to replace my laptop finally.

The only thing I'm in the air about is which processor to get. I'd prefer the Atom processor as they are much cheaper, thinner devices with twice the battery life. But I'm afraid of the Atoms performance which is unproven at this point. The i5 tablets seem like they are first generation, thick with fans blowing out of them and short battery life.

My tentative plan is to spend $600 on a cloverfield/Atom tablet and keep that until January when Microsoft announces their WinPro solution. I can always give the Atom PC to my wife and get the MS Surface Pro.


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Apr 17, 2012
Destin, FL
We have learned that an iPad cannot replace a laptop for most of our needs. We have not tested the RT or 8 pro yet, but have them on order.

We currently have over 1000 iPads deployed and are always looking for new tech. We have not decided if we are going to pick up an iPad mini at this time for testing.

just me

PS full disclosure, I beta tested win8 for enterprise deployment starting back in Sept 2011 and worked with it for 12 full months. It significantly improved from the first release, but in the end I still like Mac and Ubuntu better. I haven't touched win8 in over a year and hopefully will be very surprised by its continued evolution.

We are currently deciding (testing - limited ubuntu systems) that if we must retrain 40,000 users to use Win8 we might just install Ubuntu on all the systems instead. We are currently not sure which step would be 1) easier for our employees/production 2) more beneficial for the future
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