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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by boss1, Jan 26, 2007.

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    Jan 8, 2007

    I think there may be more light at the end of tunnel than I initially thought there to be, after reading this rumor/speculative article from looprumors, and based off of other more credible ongoings such as the one directly from Apple seeking engineers to work on various things iPhone.

    Obviously now that the cat is out of the bag, Apple and Cingular can pretty much freely work on creating/integrating software on the iPhone to collaborate with services Cingular before June. I wouldn't get to excited about anything that comes out of this however. It's probably just lame pay per ringtone download or something else of the sort available through or whatever the site is. Can you tell I really don't care much for Cingular? =D

    But what about iPhone and Windows? Application missing? Some say nay, some say yay, I say somewhere in the middle. While I don't expect a full blown out MS file reader/editor on the iPhone (still I could be wrong), I would imagine that syncing your iPhone to your Windows based PC should go just a tad bit further than syncing your iPhone with your MP3's through iTunes no? Well either something to this effect or iTunes 8.0 should come with a calander/contacts/notes built in to it (very unlikely). Just seems oddly that Apple would ship a phone that syncs everything but the kitchen sync when connected to a Mac, yet leaves the Windows/PC consumer hanging with an iTunes sync and USB power charging as a bonus.

    Well those are two possibilities and possibly more, I was kind of hoping for dotmac integration with iPhone before it was released, instead of the Yahoo push email option. I really think this initial iPhone is premature in this fashion. DotMac integration and syncing would literally allow Apple to squish Blackberry. Anyone have an animated GIF of an Apple squishing Blackberries?
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    If they are not worried about Outlook then apple pretty much lost any chance at the business area and a lot of users. Outlook is a must when dealing with a smart phone other wise it looses a huge amount of credibility. And it needs to sync with outlook at hell of a lot better than the iPod currently does.

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