windows automatic restore to point every day?

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    Jul 8, 2011
    At my school, some of the computers which require login restore to 'default' settings every day. All files, cookies, installed programmes, etc. from the previous day are gone, while essentials such as Adobe Acrobat Pro, MS Office, etc. remain. I like how they do that because these computers are running on some older hardware but run faster than the newer spiffier public computers which don't do the same thing (TONS of files and programmes [and viruses] clogging up the things, sometimes they turn off by themselves, just a mess of a computer in general).
    The machines at my school use windows 7. Used to be windows xp and were doing the same thing, restore to point automatically. Never fails.

    My question is, how does one make it restore and delete all programmes, files, and work done on that day? I'm 100% sure they don't hire some person to manually restore to point every morning on 100s of computers. I tried searching google but it only comes up with solutions for automatically CREATING restore points. But I want to automatically USE the restore point in question.
    One of my friends said that it might be sth to do w/ networking but I haven't got any idea what to search right now.
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    For that you will need a 3rd party tool that will "freeze" a portion of your drive and "thaw" it after every reboot.

    Here is a good free version that does most of what the very expensive version do.

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