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    Hi, I'm trying to get a job at my campus IT center. They gave me an initial test today, which they said I did well enough at, and they gave me a list of topics to study for Tuesday, when they said they'd test me a second time, at which point they'd determine whether I qualify for the job or not.

    In the first test they asked these questions, which I got wrong, so they gave me the correct answers to:

    Q: Are two antivirus programs better than just one?
    A: No, they will get in each other's way and drain system resources.

    Q: Does Windows 7 come preinstalled with antivirus software?
    A: No.

    On the study sheet they told me I should learn more about Windows Defender, which I've found is something Windows 7 comes with and is labeled antimalware software. I'm confused:

    1.) What's the difference between antivirus software and antimalware software?

    Answering that will probably end up answering my next question, but I'll post it anyways, just in case:

    2.) Why isn't Windows Defender considered antimalware?


    3.) Should Windows Defender be disabled or something before antivirus software is installed?

    IDK, I've been born and raised on Macs, and I blew away the Mac portion of the initial test (only thing I got wrong was how to access safe boot... I had thought the key to press was "s", it's actually shift.)
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    Windows Defender is a malware removal program. Once you get the malware, Windows Defender removes it. Anti-malware will actively protect the computer.

    Windows Security Essentials is anti-virus.

    The difference is that a virus protection program monitors for viruses, trojans, etc. An anti-malware program monitors for malware, that's anything that's bad, including programs that the user downloaded willingly that cause havoc with the PC.

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