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    Sep 24, 2010
    I've 3 partitions on my iMac, pls take a look at the attachment for details about types and sizes (as seen from Windows)...

    For data storage I'm using a Drobo with 4 slots (2+2+2+1 = 7 TB; 6.36 TB actual), which gives me 4.51 TB of space available for data (1.85 TB is used for protection).

    At first when starting to use the Drobo (from within Windows), with the help of Drobo Dashboard, I created one big volume of (virtually) 15.9 TB and formatted it in NTFS (the only alternative is FAT32).
    But because I wanted to be able to read and write from both OS'es I reformatted it in exFAT using right-click and 'format...'. Although Drobo Dashboard didn't recognise the file fystem format, I could still use it like normal. But unfortunately the Drobo didn't show up at all in Mac OS X (but strangely Drobo Dashboard did :S)

    So after a while I decided to reformat the Drobo, this time keeping it in NTFS. Now I could at least read files from within Mac OS X.
    I haven't tried using programs to be able to write NTFS yet, that might be interesting...

    But I've other matters that need attention first... lately the startup of Windows is acting weird. It takes longer to get to the login window. But the worst thing is, after logging in, I've to wait for almost 5 minutes before Windows responds... !
    During this time the Drobo volume isn't recognized yet, and Windows has a hard time processing it. Once it shows up, everything returns to normal...
    If I disconnected the Drobo during the process, Windows responds quickly and doesn't need to wait for so long.

    Ironically, in Mac OS X Lion the Drobo shows up pretty soon, after like 15 seconds...

    Does anyone have any idea what's causing this worrisome issue? Could it be the size of the volume (I'm using 2.66 TB, still 1.85 TB free space available)? Or the connection type (I'm using FireWire instead of USB 2.0)? Or maybe the fact I've saved a WindowsImageBackup on it?

    Drobo has the latest versions of the Drobo Dashboard and Drobo Firmware. And the Advanced Controls say it's healthy and my data is protected, in case one of the external HDD fails...

    Does that mean the Drobo isn't causing it, but there's something wrong with Windows itself? Perhaps too many programs at startup?

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    Near Insanity
    I thought Drobo had it's own unique filesystem?
  3. Maxi86 thread starter macrumors regular

    Sep 24, 2010
    nope, it does have it's own RAID system...
    that means you can use different type of HDD (in brand and size), so that's quite handy!

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