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Discussion in 'General Mac Discussion' started by AtHomeBoy_2000, Mar 23, 2006.

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    Feb 3, 2005
    I need to vent and you guys probably can understand my madness better than most. OK, I am the Technology Coordinator for a church. As I like to say, "basically, if you plug it in the wall I work with it." Well, one thing I handle is computers. We do have a school and they have their own computer guy. We help each other out and go back and forth.

    Well, today he said something so STUPID that i almost fell over! One of the computer sin the church died so, we needed to replace it. Unfortunetly, we are so tight on the budget that i cant afforrd to go out and even get a $500 Dell. So, he had an old spare that he said he would swap in until we could get a new one.

    He then went on to add that we should keep our computers formated in FAT32 because "most viruses are writen for NTFS". (That is a direct quote) He then went on to say "Most of these people dont need 3.8 GHz computers. All they need is a smiple 1 GHZ Athlon since all they do is office work." So basically, we should give them the worst possible computers because they dont contract viruses and can do the simple stuff we need them to do.

    HELLO!!! THink DIfferant! What COULD they do if we dont limit them to obsolete old computers? What COULD they do if they werent petrified of viruses? What he said today is EXACTLY why i am going to be changing us over to Macs (he just doesnt know that yet).

    THank you for letting me vent. He is a trained computer guy (or supposedly he is) yet he gives me this crap? SHEESH!
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    sitting on your shoulder
    Quoted for an awesome Freudian slip. :D
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    Nothing to do with your post, but the irony in the misspelling of the above sentence was not lost on me. :D

    Back on topic, yeah it does sound like that deserves a rant. Unfortunately, that's the nature of most computer users. As has been so frequently said before, talk to 10 users, and you most often find 10 different opinions on what they "need" to do their work. And just as often, there's bound to be one person among the 10 that think everything would be perfect if the other 9 conform to his/her situation.

    Edit: AARRGGHH!!! Counterfit, how on EARTH did you slip that in ahead of me? :D
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    Your shoulder makes a nice vantage point ;)

    On the subject of viruses, what is with people?!?! One guy's DVD drive failed (cable came out), and his dad's first impression was "OMG, WE HAVE A VIRUS!". Why do people think that viruses are the beall and endall of computers? Another friend wrote a PoC trojan, proved that only 1 AV in a long list of about 15 could find it, and only on heuristic scanning, and another friend who was watching looked shocked and nearly proclaimed him the antichrist :eek:
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    Jul 11, 2003
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    But they didn't ship for nearly a month after that!
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    I forgot to mention this part...
    He also said the reason everyone should have slow computers is because it gives viruses less CPU to work with! WOuldn't it make ssnese that if a virus could use 1GHz of CPU that it would be better to have 2 GHz so your work isnt impeeded?
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    Just tell the guy to shut up and go back to school. Let him know that NTFS is awesome, and that Windows is the only OS with literally MILLIONS of Malware. OS X? Three or four. and none of them viruses.

    Better yet: Tell him he's going to hell for lying.

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