Windows error after removing boot camp partition

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by Queen of Spades, Mar 16, 2009.

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    I partitioned my hard drive for boot camp when I got it, and used Windows for a bit. I then decided to remove the Windows partition and use OSX only.

    I used disk utility and re-claimed the partition size used for Windows. Cool.

    Now whenever my computer's battery dies when it's in sleep mode, plugging it in does not recall Mac OSX (you know the gray screen that eventually resumes to Leopard?). On top of that, when I restart my MBP, it goes into a windows "non-system disk, remove and press enter" thing. I have to restart and hold down option to select Mac OSX, as if there was still a partition. But no windows option shows up.

    I'm confused and this is getting annoying. I've checked disk utility again, it's showing one partition. There must be something that got left behind. Any ideas? I have thought about wiping and Time Machining it, but I'm afraid whatever is left behind will get backed up as well - not to mention having to re-register all my software is a pain I'd rather not have to do.

    I really appreciate it in advance!
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    You just need to go into System Preferences and select the 'Startup Disk' pane. When your Mac drive shows up in the window, click it and click 'Restart'- from then on it will boot to OSX correctly each time.
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    Something went wrong when you tried to set the HDD to one partition. Instead of Disk Utility, you should've used Boot Camp to set it back to one partition. Try going back to Boot Camp and see if it gives you the option of setting it back to one partition even if you did do it through Disk Utility.

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