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    I created a Boot Camp partition and ready to install Windows. I downloaded a trial ISO Windows 7 and copied to a flash drive, but Boot Camp wants a bootable installation disk. How can I install an ISO version of the system?
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    The ISO needs to be converted into a bootable USB drive (for Macs without an optical drive) or burned to a DVD (for Macs with an optical drive). There are specific procedures for each method, both of which are most easily accomplished on a dedicated Windows machine.
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    I followed direction found in the Apple Support forums and created the .iso file on my iMac Desktop. The Bootcamp files went on the USB thumb drive that was directly attached to my iMac. During the installation process, Bootcamp asked for the location of the .iso file.

    I will say that you need a particular version of Bootcamp and the Bootcamp Support files depending on what computer you are using, and the OS version. There is a support file at Apple that helps a lot. Here is the link:

    Also read this:
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    Thanks for the links but I am stills having problems loading Win7 (ISO trial version). Maybe the trial version is not intended for Boot Camp. A Boot Camp 100GB partition was created awhile back. I have Boot Camp version 5, My iMac model is 11,3 which I think is compatible with this BC version. If I have to get the Win7 full version, I will, l but I don't see why it wouldn't work with an ISO trial version.
    BTW, when BCA creates a partition, how is it formatted, Fat or journaled?
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    Your trial ISO might not be bootable but if you have access to a pc you can make it bootable with this tool

    And it doesn't really matter how BCA formats the drive because you will need to reformat it again during the Windows install.
    The install will see the Bootcamp partition and give an error saying that it's not compatible. Use the advanced options right within the Windows installer to format the partition as NTFS and the installer will then proceed.
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