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Discussion in 'iMac' started by Bigdog9586, Feb 28, 2018.

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    im thinking of adding Windows to my new pro and I cant decide whether to use win7 which I currently have on my desktop or 10 which I have on a laptop. Prefer 7 as I just feel most comfortable with it and I know the 4 old games I play on it work. Also have office 2007 so that too will save me money. My question is I see these window keys on EBay and Amazon for anywhere from about $20 to well over $150 with CD. Since I can download windows onto a flash drive already to use are these legitimate keys or a scam. I’m a believer in if it’s sounds to good to be true it probably is yet I can’t find any warnings against using them. What is the opinion here?
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    It's hard to know about the legitimacy of the keys, and I would be hesitant to buy a copy from a non-authorized seller. I would shoot for an unopened copy of the product to be on the safe side, but there are ways to fake that, too. You might even get a key that activates, only to have it get shut down in a few months because the key was misused (leaked corporate key) or stolen. Reputable dealers are the "key" here.
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    They are called OEM keys, and they only can work on one computer. They are legit though, but they tend to not come with windows media player or some other applications I forgot which. But they work fine and the cheapest you can get them for are like 5$.

    As far as needing the Cd, all you really need is the activation key.

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