Windows Keyboard on Mac... Help if Possible.


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Sep 22, 2019
Hey there. So I had a beautiful Keychron K1 that recently broke. I gotta order parts, however, I ran to the local PC shop and picked up a cheap keyboard. I found a Red Dragon Komura(?) in stock for $40. It's a decent keyboard but I didn't like the font on the keycaps. Hopped on Amazon and picked up some Dampers, and Front Printed Keycaps. Ran to the local hardware store and picked up some Dielectric grease. Applied a very small amount of grease on the MX blue copy switches while I was swapping out the keycaps. Between the texture of these PBT Drevo keycaps, the dampers, and the lube, this keyboard is a pleasure to type on. I used the Karabiner app to remap a few keys to what I am familiar with, but I am unsure about this menu key that some keyboards have under Windows. It's located next to the right control key, on some keyboards, but it's omitted on others. I want to swap keys so the FN is located the usual spot. anyone know all of the names for this switch, and does anyone have any idea what option I would select on Karabiner?

Not a huge deal, but if anyone can offer any help... HUGELY GRATEFUL. :)

*Edit - Turns out it's either a menu or applications key, but has absolutely no use, nor is it recognized as anything, on a Mac. In a way, I wish I bought the velocifire Mac board... This board does have a nice feel to it though, and the forward facing print is much easier to see, even if the keys are not illuminated. The backlight provides enough light to see the lettering.

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