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Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by mtneer, Jul 13, 2014.

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    Sep 15, 2012
    My workplace offers only Windows laptops built to specific configurations (no chance to customize). I've been asked to choose between a Lenovo X240, a HP 840 G1 and a HP Zbook 15. The Zbooks 15 has top of the line processor; but I have a Xeon workstation at my desk, so the big chunky Zbook is out of the question.

    I am now down to either the X240 or the 840 G1. The X240 comes with the 3+3 cell configuration promising 5 - 7 hours battery life. But it has the horrendous 1366x768 resolution screen.. The 840 G1 promises only 3 hours of battery life, but has 1600x900 resolution screen. Battery life is somewhat important to my work pace.

    What do y'all think I should get - the X240 or the 840 G1? Is there something I am missing? Once I make my choice, I can't go back until my next upgrade slot 5 years from now, so I'll be stuck with whatever I pick now (even if it breaks, they will just replace with the exact same model).
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    #2 Lenovo unit is my only computer. We get docking stations w/ 24" monitors at our desks.

    Considering you have a workstation at your desk, I assume lighter work is done on the laptop? I would opt. for the unit w/ greater battery life. There are some days when I'm only at my desk for 3-4 hours out of the entire day...that extra battery life makes things a bit easier.
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    Ahhhh... I was in a very similar situation some 5-7 years back. "Select one of these 3 models" etc etc.

    Turns out the biggest pain was keeping my laptop and desktop in some sort of sync. In the end, I was happiest with having one laptop and a good docking station with a large monitor. I had an aircraft carrier for a laptop, but it was more-or-less workstation class, and therefore it could do all of the workload of the desktop.

    Obviously things are more advanced these days, but if you choose wisely (sorry, I don't have any knowledge of the laptops you mention) you should have enough horsepower to do the desk bound tasks while still having decent - or even good - portability.

    Before I went the unified path, there were plenty of times of experiencing sheer panic when I thought I had lost a file, then realizing I had the file on the other computer. Not fun times, especially if you're on the road and no access to the desktop...
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    Thanks.. that is exactly my situation. When I am not at my desk, I am really not at my desk (maybe just about 10 - 15 minutes spent in a whole work day). So that battery is sure critical. I will mostly pick up the X240 and then ask my manager to reimburse me for a 6-cell external battery that can get me through a whole work day.


    I just have all my light data on my laptop (documents/ PDF's/ email etc). I then mount my laptop drive on my Workstation, so that I have the same dataset that I can use. Since my workstation requires me to be in the office, my laptop is not far away and I can connect to it pretty fast.

    For the heavy duty datasets, I go the other way. My Workstation data drive is mounted on my laptop. In a pinch, I can use my laptop or remote desktop to lookup something clunky while on the move.

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