Windows-like filing system for photos instead of iPhoto???

Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by bludragon06, Nov 27, 2012.

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    I have been MAC all the way! The only thing I hate about MAC is the way photos are stored! I like the idea behind the windows where I can just dump certain photos into a certain folder and then I can see a preview of what's in the folder! Ever since I switched to Mac it seems its been a real hassle with only my photos! Any help would be great! If this has been posted previously please forgive me!
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    Unless I'm missing something obvious, why wouldn't you just use the Finder?
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    Of course, you always have that option by using finder. However... using a Digital Asset Manager (DAM) is infinitely better than using a file system.

    iPhoto is a fairly wimpy DAM... but it is not too bad given that it is included free with the OS. Moving up to Lightroom or Aperture is a major step forward if you want to investigate using a DAM more effectively.

    Using a file system is a way to "store" photos. Using a DAM is a way to "use" photos. The difference between the two is stunning.

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    Comes to my mind.....

    a piece of software called iView Media or iView Media Pro. Very Windows-like and if my memory works, very capable for your needs, IMHO


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