Windows-like mouse acceleration?

Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by Cam493, Jan 30, 2013.

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    Sep 20, 2010
    I've installed USB Overdrive in hopes of getting my wireless mouse to perform similar to how it is in Windows. What are some good settings I could use, or any tips to make it perform like Windows?
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    I'm not sure what you are asking for here. The reason I use a Mac is so that things perform better than they would in Windows. ESPECIALLY the mouse. I should add that the Windows 7 load we have at work is crippled by IT nonsense but it is an absolute pain to use. I look forward to sitting down at a Mac either with a bluetooth mouse or with the Trackpad on my Macbook Pro. But even without the damage our IT knuckleheads do, I find mouse acceleration to be outlandishly unintuitive. How does it know I want it to accelerate? I almost always miss what I'm aiming for. Mouse acceleration is one of the first things I switch off if I have to sit in front of Windows for any length of time.

    What is it that isn't working for you? I must admit that when I first switched off my BT mouse and tried using my trackpad, I was unsure what to do about stuff like moving the cursor across all 3000+ pixels of my two monitors. Then I found I could click with one finger, then use another finger to keep dragging. Nice. Then I found out about all the multi-finger gestures that just make sense and just work. I haven't turned on my bluetooth mouse more than a handful of times since getting my Macbook Pro. Well I turned it on tonight so I could make this screenshot for you because the mouse setup preferences pane is disabled when you don't have a mouse. :eek:

    Try (slightly) tweaking tracking speed and scrolling speed and see if that gives you what you are looking for. If you have a newer MB with the trackpad, try switching off the mouse. I find that the only time I really need a mouse is for applications like photoshop. Perhaps this will work for you as well.

    I never thought I'd recommend an Apple trackpad but now that I've used one on my MBP, I can wholeheartedly recommend one. If you have a desktop model like a Mac mini or iMac, pick up an Apple trackpad. There's no harm having a mouse around for occasional use but once you try using the trackpad, I wouldn't be surprised if you like it better than the mouse.

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