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    I used FolderShare to sync folders on multiple computers across the LAN or WAN. When it became Windows Live Sync, it was even better. It kept my photos folder synced between my main desktop PC, my Leopard MacBook and my mum's Vista laptop.

    Now the beta is out for Windows Live Essentials, including Windows Live Sync. It has a new interface and works on Mac and Windows.

    My experience of it since reinstalling Windows 7 on my PC a few days has been horrendous. With the last version you could indicate the directories on all computers. Not so with the new beta; it mirrors the structure of the first computer you set it up on.

    The last version had a very useful activity window that would let you monitor the files' being transferred. This too has gone in the beta.

    And the beta just doesn't work. I've had it "Processing changes..." for hours. If it's not that, it's "Contacting server..." or some other unhelpful message before it simply disappears of the MacBook and has to be relaunched.

    I hope I can still use the old version.

    Dropbox looks like a nice solution but my pictures directory is waaaaay over 2GB and I'm paying for Carbonite for cloud backup.

    I'd be interested to hear of others' experience with WLS, particularly the new beta and whether you've had any joy getting it to work.

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