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    Hello there.

    I have 2 screens, on from my MBP and a TBD. I normally like to set up my windows in a special way and with the new windows management i can take it to another place. But the problem is that the windows don't retain their position when they are closed or i restart my computer.

    For instance, in one desktop (my laptops) i normally have my RSS reader, Twitter, mail and messages opened. When i restart my computer, those apps will open all over the place. Sometimes in the bigger screen, other times on the smaller screen, but never on the places i put them.

    Anyway to pin them down?
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    I use the app Moom for this. I set everything where I want it and then tell Moom to remember the positions. Then the app can be used to restore the positions with a KB shortcut.
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    Storing window position is the responsibility of the app. Apple offers a set of convenient tools for doubt that. If an app you are using lacks that functionality, you should raise the issue with the developer. Mostly, the fix takes around 5 minutes.
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    Well one of the apps is the iMessage one... :)
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    Thank you

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