Windows Media Player and Tiger


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Jun 23, 2002
Gaithersburg, MD
Hey everybody, I was trying to open a wmv file for the first time since installing Tiger. It wouldn't open. I tried to open it every way I knew how. I then got rid of the player and installed it again. Still nothing. Anyone else having this problem w/Tiger and WMV files or am I the crazy one?


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Jun 25, 2002
LaLaLand, CA
Some people are having issues with WMP and Tiger. Have you tried Mplayer or VLC? Both are free. Try


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Feb 4, 2004
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I might be way off but a similar thing happened to me with Safari. I would click on it and it wouldn't open a window but it was running. It turns out that I was playing around with a dual monitor setup and never switched it out of that mode. It was opening Safari on the 2nd monitor. Perhaps Media Player is opening up on another screen?

You can also try creating a new user account and trying Media Player to see if the problem is local to your account or a system wide problem.