Windows not Authorized in Parallels


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Jan 7, 2007
I've been having a problem with Windows 8 and other MSFT programs when running Widows via parallels.

I have a legal copy of both Windows and Parallels 9, but after 30 minutes of using Windows via Parallels, Windows prompts me to authorize my copy of Windows and say that my copy is not valid.

This issue doesn't occur when I boot into the Windows partition. It only happens with parallels. When the prompt happens, the system lags and become less responsive. I really like using Parallels, but I want to fix this issue.

Any ideas?



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Dec 30, 2009
Blainville, Province of Quebec
It's probably because microsoft sees parallels and bootcamp as to different computer and your license was meant for only one. Have you tried contacting microsoft by phone to explain?

Or you could try to activate your copy online, the software will give you a phone number for an automated system that will eventually give you a number to type into windows. But before doing that I would call them.

But how did you install windows into parallel? A few years ago I used parallel and there was a way for it to use the bootcamp partition, did you do it that way?


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Jan 24, 2010
This happens because Windows sees two different sets of hardware. It has been activated on the native Mac hardware, but not the Parallels hardware. You have to call their activation number to have it activated on the Parallels hardware.