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Mar 13, 2011
Manchester, UK
ok sorry if this has been covere but i have looked and cant seem to find what i need.

I have just bought an iMac 21.5" and i love it, its my first apple computer an I'm glad to say i will never look back.

The only thing i miss from my Windows OS is the range of games available. and i really miss playing my old windows games as well as being a bit disappointed that I cant get in on the Skyrim action.

After i quick search i understand the concept of running windows of a HDD partition on my mac, the only thing is I'm a bit of a wuss and don't like the sound of it. so my question is am i able to do the same thing with bootcamp but instead of partitioning my Mac HDD could i instead install windows 7 onto say a 100gb external HDD and use this to run windows (mainly for skyrim and other games) on my mac?

once again i apologize if this is a bit of a noob question but i am in fact new to all of this and don't want to screw my new machine up.

Hope all of this makes sense and any help would be appreciated.


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Nov 15, 2010
Edinburgh, UK
You may be interested to know that there is a free Cider Wrapper for Skyrim available from The Porting Team. You still have to have an installed version of Skyrim (such as from Steam for Windows or via installing the retail disk onto a friend's Windows PC) but you can then move the game into a directory in the Cider wrapper and get it to work.

The only fly in the ointment is that Bethseda released a mini patch a couple of days ago that changed one file (TESV.exe) to insist on Steam being checked to make sure you are up to date and also a licensed owner of the game and at the moment the Cider Wrapper cannot see Steam for Windows even if Steam is running in Wineskin or Crossover.

Since I want to make sure my copy of Steam is up to date at all times (and boy do they need some patching love!) I took the opportunity to invest in Windows 7 Home Premium Retail (£110 UK price) so that this would no longer be an issue.

Read up on the Bootcamp Assistant page for your OS (10.6 or 10.7 I assume?). If you follow the instructions, it is relatively painless and risk-free. Skyrim is well worth playing the way the coders intended - under Windows.

PLus if you are quick, Steam for Windows have just announced 50% off the Oblivion Game of the Year edition - £7.50 for Oblivion and all expansions!
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