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Discussion in 'Windows, Linux & Others on the Mac' started by comda, Jan 10, 2016.

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    I received a 2015 Retina 13inch model from apple and windows and bootcamp in general is driving me up the wall. Im having a few problems but the one that takes the cake is the boot option. I have selected numerous times in "startup disk" pane in the preferences so that the machine always boots to OSX and only to windows if i hold option. BUt each time i boot into windows, the windows partition decides despite of what option is selected, my mac will still boot into windows. Its annoying! Another less issue is that windows does not see OSX partition like it did on my old macbook and windows has no idea that there is a bluetooth device. i Already deleted the driver partition so where can i get bootcamp 6 drivers? i can only seem to find 5 and below.
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    You create a USB with the drivers via Bootcamp tool in OS X. See attached image for the box to check:

    Screen Shot 2016-01-10 at 10.00.32 AM.png

    This USB has a setup program so once you boot into Windows you run that and it installs all the drivers automatically. Bootcamp ~should~ have installed the drivers when it installed Windows but sometimes things don't work right for whatever reason. If you install the drivers with the USB drive it should fix any strangeness there.

    If you go Apple Menu->System Preferences->Startup Disk an reboot to Bootcamp partition, the computer remembers that and boots to Windows automatically every time. If you restart and hold Option and boot to Windows, it should reboot into OS X (or whatever partition you set in startup disk) the next time.

    I usually don't bother with this and just reboot via startup disk in OS X. When bootcamp drivers are installed correctly in Windows you get an icon in the system tray that gives you the same startup disk menu. I just reboot to OS X that way.

    Regardless of what partition is designated startup disk you can hold option to pick which partition you will load.
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    I appreciate your fast reply. However to mention a few things one of which i have already mentioned in my above post. I have numerously went to the system preferences pain under "start up disk " and selected OSX. The machine will boot OSX until i boot windows then it will again always boot windows. As for the drivers, i did not have that screen as the 2015 stupidly (thanks apple) cant install windows 7. INstead Bootcamp created a third partition along side my windows partition and had the drivers there. Once windows 8 had installed, the bootcamp software launched automatically installing the drivers already.

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