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    Dec 13, 2007
    Ok so i screwed up, but I am a positive bloke.
    Trying to play battlefield2 using Bootcamp works so sweet OSX 10.5 and XP SP2.
    I was trying to figure out why my Mic would not work in game so I fiddled around uninstalling my sound driver wich then took me longer to re-install and eventually came with more complications until I finally decided to re-install XP drivers from XP CD and so on... OOOPS little did I know Boot camp is no longer available ... Grrr
    Anyway before buying the upgrade to Leopard...(so not worth it) I figured I try to fix my mistake since I had not completed the install all the way.

    I try to start XP as one should on a Mac (option key) and instead of XP booting as it should, it takes me to the command setup option and gives me one of two choices...

    1. Windows XP Professional ...
    2. Wondows XP professional Setup
    count down...etc
    Now at this point everything would be OK if I could just select the first option of booting XP Professional without going into setup, BUT my keyboard (USB) won't work :( so instead it goes into setup and eventually to a blue screen error. DUHH>>>

    What I did to deserve this was simple...I was hoping the problem of my sound drives would be fixed by re-installing xp cd missing files...anyway it went into installation mode and asked me to reboot...and this is where I'm at now...

    I was thinking that if I could tinker with the Windows folder file on my mac partition, Change the 'boot.ini' file and save it. The boot procedure would would highlight 'option one' as default and eventually load accordingly.
    The problem is I cannot make changes to the windows hard drive partition located on my mac desktop. Which means that although I have managed to change what I need on the 'boot.ini' file, it wont let me save it again to the windows folder on my OSX partition because its a read only folder. There is no option to change it to 'read and write'.

    All this because my keyboard USB won't let me select the other option.

    Anybody know how to change the XP folder from 'read only' to 'read and write' so i can change the boot.ini file and save it to the XP ?

    get my keyboard to work?


    get me a new copy of Bootcamp.

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    Dec 13, 2007
    It Works

    OK so this is kindda crazy... I have found a solution to my problem/s.

    In order to fix my keyboard during the windows installation command I reconnected my USB keyboard and it worked ....:)

    Once xp was up and running :
    In order to fix the boot.ini file. eventually changed the defualt start up by changing the boot.ini file in XP. Easy peasy look for it on google.

    In order to fix my audio after uninstalling my audio driver (i was trying to update it in the hopes that it would fix my in game voip)
    I searched for signmatel audio codec driver version 5.10.5082.0... hours and hours and nothing worked.

    Tried installing the cd for macintosh drivers I made when I used bootcamp.
    THAT DIDN'T WORK!! Kept telling me it could't find the destination path which was not true...This is all due to the bootcamp being out of date. Sigmatel no longer does audio for PC and the CD file msi.chm is also out of date... all specificlly thought through and timed so that if ever a re-install or the use of the CD is needed.,.. would be impossible without purchasing the new OSX leopard.

    AFTER I was about to give in... I eventually came accross the folder in my c: drive program files titled: "macintosh drivers for windows xp 1.1.2"> sigmatel drivers...I clicked install and now everything works so nicely...:) LOL such a shame...

    during this time I realised how clever the marketing department is when it comes to software... in any other case, if this didn't work I would be thinking how stupid and pointless the marketting department is.. but that's no the case:)

    PS sorry for this rediculously long post... its worth it though its now 5:16 am i started at 12 am .

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