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I managed to pick up a bargain Nokia 720 while out and about in Dubai yesterday. I like it, but it is as different as different can be, compared to iPhone and Android. Any advice for a quick transition from noob to pro? Also, can anyone recommend any good Windows Phone resources on the web.

My main concern at the moment is I don't understand the phone's model of data consumption (potentially lethal when roaming). I don't even know what to expect if an SMS message is received....

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Apr 10, 2003
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Is the 720 Windows Phone 8? If so, a few tips:

SMS-if you didn't turn iMessage off, you won't get texts from iPhones. Otherwise you'll get a notification across the top of the screen and see an unread texts count in the text messages live tile (looks like a text bubble). If you want to make sure you're getting texts, pop the SIM back in your iPhone, turn off iMessages, turn off iMessages on all your various iOS devices, then put the SIM back in the Nokia, reboot it, and that should bring texts to your Lumia. There's a more nuclear option of deleting your iPhone from the profile settings on Apple's support site, but that's only useful if you plan on totally leaving your iPhone. I switched from a 4S to a 928 and had to go through that, but once it's all set you can turn iMessage back on your iPad or any other device. It's just a pain to decouple your cell number from Apple's iMessage service, and if you're not thorough your texts end up in limbo. Outgoing work, incoming disappear.

In settings there is something called Data Sense-that will help you gauge what apps are slurping data and how much. You can also set your data cap and have the phone alert you/shut down all automatic data consumption once you get close to your limit.

Microsoft has a great site,, that has tips, how-tos, and a full app catalog. You can also remotely install apps from the site and send them to your phone (just like the Google Play store). is also quite active, and the community there has some great tips.

Good luck! I am enjoying Windows Phone so far. It has the fluidity and speed of iOS, but the customization options of's fun to try something different.


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Nov 12, 2012
Thanks for the tips!

I picked up a Lumia 820 the other day unactivated and I like the newness of Windows 8. Looking forward to learning about the Nokia apps which got me interested in picking up this phone to begin with.
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