windows requires domain entry when authenticating to mac osx server

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    i'm having a problem, and the solution is probably right under my nose... but if anyone had any thoughts it would be greatly appreciated.

    we have a video server that needs full access to some files shares on our mac osx server. the video server runs windows xp. when it wants to connect to the file shares it asks for username and password, but then also the domain...

    our current setup is

    upon entering that, it fails... also just entering prefix.local fails... just entering the 'name' portion fails (though this is the domain of our AD server)...

    our osx server isn't joined to our AD server. they are separate entities. so that shouldn't be a problem.

    what would the proper domain name be? is that even the issue? is it windows fault?

    the computer should automatically connect when it boots, if all is working properly, and should always see the folders and import automatically when a file is dropped in...



    Jason Stygar
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    Dec 1, 2010
    try this

    Try enabling the smb service on the server and confirm the smb sharing settings on the share. Once you have done this, use another mac and see if you can mount the share using smb://servername/share. If this works, you know the server is working and it has to be the XP workstation.
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    Windows behaves correctly, and the DOMAIN field is there for very good reasons.

    You must understand that there are two different types of user accounts: Local accounts, where "local" means that those accounts only exist on the computer that you are using, and there are domain accounts, which are stored in Active Directory, but that can be used on any machine belonging to the Windows domain that is controlled by the AD.

    When you want your XP machine to connect to the Mac OS X server that is NOT a member of the domain, you need to provide a username that exists on the OS X server. And this user MUST exist on the machine and it MUST have access privileges to the file share, otherwise you cannot connect.

    Since the OS X machine does not know about a domain, you can either try to provide the name of the OS X machine as domain name, its workgroup name (could be WORKGROUP, if nothing was manually defined) or just try and leave the domain field empty.

    Note: You can also prefix the user account with the domain name like this: DOMAIN\UserName -- first the name of the domain/machine, then a backslash, then the username. In Unix land, you can try the slash instead or in some cases you might have to use two backslashes. But as long as you are using a GUI or a Windows computer, the backslash is the safe option.

    When you provide the domain in the DOMAIN\UserName notation, you do NOT have to provide it in the domain field. (Would be redundant.)

    Oh, and as one other poster here already mentioned: Of course, you have to enable SMB file sharing on the OS X system...
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    Mar 4, 2011
    similar problem

    Similar issue, but not quite as much of a noob question:

    Cannot get 10.5.4 Server to share files to domain accounts (yes the server is in the domain)

    Here's what I have done so far:
    Clean OS install and Raid wipe on xServer + FC Raid - Check :)
    Software updates for days!! - Check ;)
    Shares created on RAID, Permissions for 2 Local Users - Check :)
    Shares tested from XP & 7 using OSX Local account - Check :cool:
    ***Note - XP & 7 in Domain, OSX Not in Domain at this point ***
    Apple added to 2k3 AD Domain using domain\me - Check :D
    OSX able to log in using domain\me and domain\other - Check :D
    Permissions to Shares added for domain\me(full control), domain\administrator(readwrite), and domain\other(readonly) - Check :eek:
    Map drive using Local Account - Check
    Map drive using Domain Account - ... ... :mad:

    ... I have tried several different scenarios, including adding guest and everyone access all to no avail... including removing from windows domain, and even a complete rebuild, still same outcome... I am only able to access the shares using the Local Accounts I created in the OS. I need to allow about 50 users to send file backups to this server, and only 4 of the 50 users need access to the other 50 users files.

    Any thoughts?

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