Windows RG (real good edition)

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by 4JNA, Jan 21, 2013.

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    I've been an Microsoft partner/solutions provider and OEM system builder for years. i love MS because they make me lots of money. :) OS X at home, MS for never ending problems/employment, works out about right.

    one of my favorite spoofs is the WinRG simulator. if you click the link, it opens a flash window. have fun. it's only funny because its all true... :p
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    LOL, this is funny. It also reminds me of the few months I had a computer that would pop up an illegal operation the moment you opened up a web browser. There would be days that it wouldn't let you get on any website.

    So, everyday, I would turn on the computer and see that if I opened the clock, if it would give me the same message, that way I knew only to stay on the basic AOL keyword pages. On the days it didn't give me those errors, it was okay to browse with the built in browser.
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    I love the WinRG simulator. Very funny, great sense of humour, whoever created that. :D

    Need to clean that limescale off my processor now..

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