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Discussion in 'macOS' started by paulg1979, Nov 6, 2006.

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    My dad has just bought an iMac G5 and wants to transfer all his email address book from Microsoft outlook on his windows computer to the microsoft Entourage on the Mac. The only problem is which ever way we transfer them over whether its by external hard drive or emailing them the Mac does not want to open the file. Is there a program I can use to convert them to work on the mac? Also is there system restore on Macs?


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    Maybe you should first transfer the contacts to palm desktop on the peecee, and then from there to Address Book, or onto an iPod from the peecee, then to the mac. Sorry I don't know much about peecees, but it worked a few years ago when I moved away from the dark side:D
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    There are several interchange formats for Address Books that Windows and the Mac can support.

    On the Windows computer he should export the addresses to LDIF or a text CSV (comma-separated values) file only.

    On the Mac open the Address Book application and select the menu File -> Import -> LDIF... -or- File -> Import -> Text...

    You may still need to massage some entries as MS or Apple may interpret/support some categories differently.
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    No, it's not really needed as Mac's have no registry to screw up.

    If the system does get corrupt you can reinstall it without reinstalling your Applications as they aren't connected to the system.
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    Check out the Export-Import Entourage' script from Paul Berkowitz. Paul is a master scripter (and you can get lots of his other sripts from ScriptBuilders), and is an Entourage MVP (which means that he's an expert in Entourage and helps other people out).

    If you have questions about his script, check out the Microsoft public newsgroup for Entourage. Paul reads the newsgroup frequently, and there are lots of other people who post there who can help you out with that or any other Entourage question.


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