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Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by swisstrips, Feb 10, 2013.

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    Feb 10, 2013
    Noob to the mac platform. I got a mini and will be primarily used for home audio => run iTunes off of mini (headless) which is connected to AVR (using iTunes remote app from a touch / ipad).

    My music library is mainly lossless (alac), 1TB in size and resides on a NAS (music files as well as the iTunes library folder/database files). It was all created from a Win7 x64 workstation running iTunes So now I am setting up the mini to take over as the master iTunes system.

    Looking for any advice or gotcha's on proper execution.

    Is it a simple matter of firing up iTunes on the mini:

    1. In the Adv options of iTunes select the iTunes media folder location on the NAS, exit iTunes

    2. Do the option button trick while starting iTunes to get the prompt to select a library. Then browse to the iTunes folder on the NAS and select the database file. (I have the NAS music folder mounted and also added it to the auto user login options)


    - Will the mac version of iTunes convert the database to a mac "format" and therefore Windows iTunes can't or shouldn't be used?

    - To manage say my iPod can I add music from the Win iTunes computer or should I use the mac via VNC since its headless (restore/wipe ipod first and re-add music)

    - In iTunes what are the recommended Preference > Advanced options to enable/disable (both - keep files organized + copy file to itunes folder are disabled)

    - Should the mini run under an admin or standard user (It's set to automatically login)


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