Windows to Mac Pro migration


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Sep 4, 2007
Hello people, i have two questions hopefully you can help me, i plan to upgrade when the of the new xeons release on the new mac pro, i have windows right now, my questions are:

1. i have 3 hard drives, 2x 750gb, 1x 1tb, on the tb y have all my graphic work, i plan to have windows and macos but i want to have this disk shared for two os, if i put this disk formated from windows to the mac pro it work fine??

2. the two 750 i plan to put in raid 0 on mac os, in this case with two partitions, windows can see the other partition and use it the two OS in raid 0 ?

Thanks People!!!! CY!


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Jun 16, 2007
If you want both Windows and OSX to read a drive as big as 750GB, I recommend that you format it from OSX as HFS+, then buy MacDrive and install it under the Windows partition and you can read all files from that drive without problems.

Are your 750 giggers SATA? They have to be sata.


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May 15, 2006
sorry ebiain, had to chime in, what is the advantage of partitioning your Raid0 drives? I'm curious as I'm getting a pro soon and am trying to figure it all out.


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Sep 4, 2007
thanks for the answer Sdave, irishgrizzly the advantage of use the raid drives with diferent partitions is:

1. speed, and better storage, why? because if you have 2 large drives example in my case 750gb i end with one 1.5tb drive, and tahts not recomended to use it for all because this fragment too much the disk, i plan to put 3 partitions on that 1.5tb and it will be, 300gb for macos and programs, 300 gb for windows and programs, and the rest for data. i keep all that separate and improves the efficiency and the speed.

2. like i say before, i can have multiple operating systems in the raid drive, all with the benefit of the stripping raid.


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Aug 8, 2006
i have a question casue i was thinking of doing the same thing...

i have 2x 320gb and 1x500gb
raid0 the 2x320gb and split it up into 2 for osx and windows
my questions is.. in osx to raid0 somehting it's via disk utility.. for windows it's also during setup wher eyou load in the drivers

soo once it's raid0 in osx when i install windows... do i have ot put in the windows driver to raid0 the drives again??

Sean Dempsey

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Aug 7, 2006
I might be wrong, but I thought you couldn't use a MacOSX raid as a bootcamp drive.

Maybe if you had the extra hardware card, but I am pretty sure your plan will not work.