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    What do people here use for virus/malware protection in Windows ?
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    I use the built in Windows defender. That is more than sufficient for normal use. Of course one always has to be careful with visiting suspicious sites and answering phishing mails. But that is the same on Mac also.
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    MalwareBytes and keep the default Windows Defender. 99% of any infections you'll encounter will be malware. The only real Windows "viruses" in the classic term (self-propagating/installing) are absolute beasts and will stroll through Avast/AVG/Kaspersky like they're not even there.

    If you're really worried, get MWB Pro with on-access scanning as that's been known to intercept some instances of CryptoLocker, but it's still not perfect.

    Generally though, the best antivirus is the squishy thing using the computer:

    - Avoid opening any mail attachments unless you're absolutely sure of the source and the material.
    - Be wary of downloading or installing anything you don't recognise.
    - Try to avoid websites with buxom wenches.
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    Thank you.
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    Thank you.
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    I use Avira. It has a long history of reliability in blocking malware. I look up the statics of real time protection and performance impact at AV Comparatives. I went with Avira as they offered a no nonsense free version. Now I use the paid version for most of my computers. My seldom used computers have been switched from the free Avira to Windows Defender. As they started adding nonsense to their free version. By nonsense I mean junk like "Software Updater" and "Phantom VPN" to someones Antivirus install.

    It's a shame Avira started adding the junk to their free version. That's why I left Avast. That also means whenever a client asks which antivirus to use. I no longer recommend Avira. Most of those people I had recommended the free Avira to in the past upgraded to the paid version.

    When it comes to protection. Windows Defender has made some huge strides in the last couple years. It used to be little better than an open gate. Now it protects just as well as any other anti-virus. I haven't switched all my computers yet because I still have four years left on my five year/five computer Avira Pro license. Windows Defender does have some caveats. It has a high false positive count. So, you may be overly alarmed that a virus tried to get into your computer when it was something benign. Also it has a higher impact on performance than most other options. Although that is largely mitigated if you use an SSD. There is also the concern that MS will backslide on protection quality as Defender has such a poor track record.

    As it stands. If you want paid. Get Avira. If you want free use Defender. Your ISP may offer Symantec or McAfee with your internet service for free. Many ISPs do so.

    Keep in mind you should have a secondary scanner. By secondary scanner I mean something which does not provide active protection. You never want to run two anti-viruses at the same time. Malwarebytes is the best. Manual scans are quick, especially on SSD. It is extremely effective at removing infections. There is no need for the pro version. I also disable the options to start with Windows and the 14-Day trial. Mostly it will find potentially unwanted programs in your browsing history. Which are probably trackers.
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    Thanks for the information.

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