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    Then I managed to create another partition using Disk Utility instead of Boot Camp. However, when I try to install Windows on it, that's what it gives me:


    I tried two partition formats, MS-DOS (FAT32) and Macintosh Extended (Journaled), and gives me the same thing every time. I read about that error and came up with two things:

    First - what it means -
    Second - how to fix that -
    I am not sure if that means all the partitions will be destroyed on the Disk (including the Macintosh HD) because I wouldn't want to do that. I have a lot of data on the Mac HD, a lot of updates that I don't want to re-download, and no external hard drive in order to back up using Time Machine or something. Does any one have any idea on what can be done right now? Thank you.
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    That initial error means you need to defrag your mac partition to make enough contiguous free space to create the bootcamp volume. After you've deleted the volume you created and a time machine backup you need a bootable disk defrag like Techtool or diskwarrior.

    After that start boot camp again - Vista and 7 need the FAT32 it creates erased and reformatted in NTFS.

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