Windows worm named itunes.exe

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Sep 19, 2002
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Windows-only worm WORM_OPANKI.Y arrives as the file itunes.exe. Its file name may appear familiar to users as it is similar to the name of a popular media player from Apple Computer. Thus, users may be tricked into thinking that this worm is associated with a legitimate product.
It hasn't done a lot of damage so far, but I hope this worm doesn't spread any bad feelings about Apple or iTunes, since Apple obviously had nothing to do with it.

The lowlifes who write these programs use any popular name or phrase to get people to install or run adware or other unfriendly software, and iTunes is certainly a name people know.


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It could be several things, and more than likely not some "teen hacker." Virus writers typically aren't hackers, and vise versa.

Perhaps it's an attack ont he Apple brand, trying to coerce bad feelings toward the brand, perhaps it's a clever intrusion method because the writerr knows it's sucha widely embraced application. Perhaps it's a Linux or Mac user attacking Windows. then again, it could be an anti-virus firm that wrote it and distributed it to gain sales of their anti-virus software.

You just don't know.

Most teens that hack are script kiddies and know nothing about what real hacking takes.

I'd venture to say that this is a brilliant plan and if executed to the author's plans, will gain him access to lots of information he should not have. But, what do I care. I own a Mac! LMAO


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Jun 27, 2005
Its file name may appear familiar to users as it is similar to the name of a popular media player from Apple Computer.

What popular media player are they talking about?
;) ;)

Yah, just kidding, by the way.


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Apparently one of the 'clever' things about this is that not only does it install showing iTunes but the name of the process stays as iTunes so if people check their Task Manager and are used to seeing iTunes there, they still will. Of course, if they're listening to music, they'll see 2 iTunes which might confuse them!


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Apr 7, 2005
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I just saw this one in the laptop surgery at my school. Luckily, it was named "itune.exe" and the girl's computer didn't have itunes on it at it was pretty easy to clean overall. But after this, I'm quite sure she was all negative about getting iTunes...which is ironic because she had so many viruses one completely knocked out the functionality of the Windows Media Player...