Windows XP Boot Camp Help(Urgent)

Discussion in 'Windows, Linux & Others on the Mac' started by piplipa, Jun 7, 2011.

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    Jun 7, 2011
    Hey ya'll,
    I've had my Mac Mini for over a year now, and have been wanting to test out Boot Camp for a few months. So I bought myself a version of Windows XP, opened up Boot Camp Assistant, partitioned my Hard Drive, and clicked "Install With Disc," or something of that sort. So the computer restarted, the blue Windows XP installer started up, and I clicked on the partition that was smaller(I made the second 'BOOTCAMP' partition smaller by about 100GB so I could tell which was which). After that, I waited as it was installing, and clicked enter to reboot. I saw the grey Apple screen, without the Apple logo, and it loaded right back into the blue XP installer, asking me if I want to install Windows XP... but I already installed it. So I ejected the WinXP disc, restarted the computer, and got the folder with a question mark icon, telling me that there's nothing on the hard drive. By now I'm freaking out, and I ran in the other room and grabbed an external hard drive that had Snow Leopard installed on it. I booted into that, hopped over to Finder, and there is NO instance of the "System" internal Hard Drive that has/had my OS X files and operating system on it, nor the BOOTCAMP partition that I created. I'm guessing that I did something wrong when installing Windows, and my question is regarding the possibility of restoring the operating system, and files, so I didn't loose anything.
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    Hold Alt/Option during boot and see if that brings up a boot loader that will let you select a partition to boot from.

    If not, do you have access to another, FireWire equipped Mac?


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