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    I'll start off by saying I am pretty ignorant when it comes to anything computers. I just got this MacBook about a month ago, I'm now trying to put on Windows XP. I created the partition, using 32GB, went through the installation process and followed the Bootcamp guide to the letter. Eventually I came to a point where the Mac had to restart, and then I came to a setup screen with I think 6 options, the first being to install windows. So I clicked this figuring it to be the next part of the installation process. But it just took me back to the original Install Windows setup screen, where I had to choose a partition to install it to. So I restarted the computer myself and held down the option button, when it started I had three choices: Mac OSX, Windows, and the Windows disk. So I chose Windows, and it took me to a new Windows XP Install screen, where it said it had 39 minutes left until it was done installing. And thats my problem, its not going anywhere, I waited around an hour and it never moved. I guess I am stuck in an endless loop. Any ideas what to do? Thanks.
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    When you get to the point in Windows Setup where it asks you which HDD partition you want to install to, you will see at least three: two large ones that Windows can't identify (these are your OS X partitions) and the bottom one should be labeled as C: and ~32GB in size. That is the one you want to select as the install drive.

    You might want to reboot into OS X and re-launch Boot Camp Assistant. Skip the partition creation section and let it reboot with your Windows XP CD in the drive and try Windows Setup again.

    If that doesn't work, reboot into OS X. Use Boot Camp Assistant to delete and then re-create your Boot Camp partition, and try the setup again.

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