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    Sorry I didn't know what forum this should be in.

    My dad has a sony vio that has windows xp. For some reason he can not find his backup discs that came with his windows xp. Would it be at all possible to burn an iso image or something of windows xp while being in windows?

    The reason I ask is because I recently reinstalled osx tiger on an emac and he was wondering if he could do the same thing but could not find his xp discs. That and the fact I have a new macbook would be nice to have windows xp on it.

    Now I don't know about legality here so help me out. I have through my school a msdn license that includes pretty much all the main microsoft software except office. So I do have a license for windows, just not the program for it at the moment. I am unable to download through msdn since it requires broadband and my fam has dialup.

    Also, I have windows on a vpc disc so is their any way to extract that ?

    Thanks for putting up with my many questions

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