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Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by Dobbs2, Dec 25, 2010.

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    Let me just say Windstream has tried to help me in this situation, but can't fix it they don't have the greatest support for apple products. My setup is an imac running snow leopard, time capsule, airport extreme and the Sagem 1704 router modem. My first issue is trying to setup my network like I have had it previously with other providers. I would just like to use the Sagem 1704 as just a modem and create my network with my time capsule as the router and use the airport extreme as a extender like ive used it on Cox and uverse. problem is when I use the windstream page to mess with the admin settings and turn off the wireless everything messes up no connection anywhere even though the modem is plugged into my time capsule and that network is created and setup. So I went the route of turning it back on and trying to extend the signal with the time capsule. I get this network can not be extended message wtf? If I just have the windstream network setup up I can't connect to xbox live my nat is strict even after the firmware update they did. Why is this so hard? this usually takes like 10 minutes to setup for me, but it doesnt like windstream's stuff. I can go to my fathers house which has cox and setup everything no problem get back home problem after problem.
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    Windstream is notoriously bad for support. Those modem/router combo boxes they supply generally suck from most providers. I've seen were the firmware is messed up so it won't let you turn off wifi on that device and then use a 3rd party router.

    So it may be bad firmware.

    Their equipment may also not work with airport extreme if their connections will require you to clone a MAC address. You may need to supply their techs with the MAC address of your AirPort Extreme/Time Capsule. Make sure you give them the MAC of the Ethernet port on the device, not the MAC of Airport bands. I have seen that as well.

    Good luck

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