Wine spill! Does Apple do inside cleaning?

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by Molson1020, Oct 17, 2017.

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    So I was a klutz last week and accidentally spilled some wine on my 2015 MacBook Pro. I shut it off right away and turned it upside down after wiping as much as I could off the exterior. I tried turning it on two days later and everything was working just fine (booted up no problem, keyboard worked and lit up, etc), but I'm worried some of the wine that may of gotten inside may have dried and I would have to deal with corrosion down the line.

    Does anyone know if Apple offers a service of sending in a MacBook Pro to get the insides taken apart and cleaned? Something I would have no problem paying for since it was my mistake and it's out of warranty. And if they do, does anyone know the cost?

    Appreciate the help!
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    My worst nightmare, I have a no drinks rule, but its difficult.

    Your house insurance maybe able to help.

    Hope everything will be okay.
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    Find a decent independent Mac specialist, all Apple will do is change the affected internals irrespective of working or not. The notebook will definitely require cleaning if the wine has gotten inside, as it will very likely be a catalyst for corrosion.

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    Pretty sure Apple doesn’t offer this service. Couldn’t hurt to call an Apple store and ask though.

    There may be electronic repair shops in your area that can provide this service. You could check and see if any third party Apple authorized repair centers are in your area.
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    I suspect that since you likely tripped the moisture detection indicators that they will not want to touch it ever again. But you can ask them "for a friend".;)

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