Wine spill on mbp 13" advice?

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by cameronhustle, Jan 3, 2014.

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    Jan 3, 2014
    Basically on Monday morning i woke up and went to go on my macbook pro 13"
    I opened it and there was white wine on the screen and on the keyboard, I was shocked since i didnt remember spilling anything on it so im not sure how much i spilt or how much went into the inside of the computer. The macbook wouldnt turn on and when plugged to charge (was only plugged in to check itt wasnt working) showed no sign of power and the green light wasnt on.

    I've been reading online and most things told me to just leave it to dry for a couple days which I have been doing, I wouldve taken it to a repair centre or apple but there are no free spaces for an apple appointment till next monday, so ill probably go then

    Out of curiosity I plugged the charger in today on friday night to see if it'd light up having been left to dry and stuff for 5 days and it did light up and the fan started to sspin a little bit. I quickly unplugged it & I didnt turn it on in fear of inflicting more damage to it since ive read it'd accelerate damage to the components & apparently the heat could caramelise the remaining white wine? I think the computer is in sleep mode? Assuming i heard the fans starting to spin & whir, What do you guys recommend I do? Leave it or check whether it works? Or should I make sure its turned off and unscrew the back and check if the logic board or anything else has been damaged?
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    The risk of caramelization is pretty low even though the primary sugar (fructose) in grapes/wine begins caramelizing at a relatively low temperature of 110°C (230°F).

    The bigger issue is the wine's acidity which is corrosive (maybe pH 4), not as bad as soda (pH 2.8) or lemon juice/vinegar (pH 2), but definitely not something the circuit boards were designed to encounter.

    The components need to be cleaned sooner or later.

    Liquid spills void the warranty, so you are free to crack open the computer yourself, although you might want to have an Apple authorized service technician do the work.

    Sorry that you have learn an important (and possibly expensive) lesson this way, but pricey consumer electronics and food/drink do not mix.

    Anyhow, good luck.

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