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macrumors Haswell
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May 3, 2009
Regardless of how you may feel about Paul Thurrott, he was a driving force behind the Windows Supersite

He evidently has decided to leave and start another site called Thurrott


I'm not a frequent visitor to winsupesite, so it comes as a complete surprise to see him leaving the very site he started. Since he's starting a brand new endeavor that similar to the winsupersite, I wonder what happen to cause him to leave.


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Jun 8, 2007
A couple of bookmarks

Regardless of how you may feel about Paul Thurrott …

I recognised his name, nothing more than that until I found two bookmarks for the SuperSite domain:

Apple Mac OS X "Lion" Review | Mobile content from SuperSite for Windows (2011-07-14 – archive) – sorry, no images

Windows 8 Sales Well Below Projections, Plenty of Blame to Go Around | Windows 8 content from Paul Thurrott's SuperSite for Windows (2012-11-16)

I recall liking the review of Lion. I found some highlights

Jessica Lares

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Oct 31, 2009
Near Dallas, Texas, USA
Says right there he didn't like the environment of working for a "big" company after people in his group got promoted/etc throughout the years.

That's understandable.

I remember reading that OS X review. No, it wasn't bad.


macrumors Haswell
Original poster
May 3, 2009
He was and is a big windows booster, though he does travel with a MBA (running windows).

Still, this was his baby, and for him to leave and start up another site that is basically the same type of thing, is odd.

I like reading him, once in a blue moon, as he has some good insights into windows and what not so I'll keep popping in on his sight on occasion.
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